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The Sun Will Rise by Georgie C

The world always seems to be dependant on being happy, and everyone in it being happy... but sometimes we should be allowed to be us. Human, emotional, the bad with the good, and if we have an unhappy moment we should be allowed to have that moment. We know the sun will rise again, and the world will feel better again, but if we don’t have these moments, the ones that make us sad, make us cry, how do we truly appreciate the world when it is a happy shiney place..?

So my little piece of art is inspired by these moments. The darkness surrounding, but light coming through to show hope and promise. It is reminder that you are allowed to be you!!

Lots of yummy mixed media gorgeousness used in this. I started with a rough coat of gesso so some of the board behind with soak in some ink too. Then inspired by the gorgeous Marta Lapkowska and some of her techniques I used some thread when using the gesso to add some additional texture - genius idea! I always love using thread but this was new (for me) and fun to try.

I am a huge fan of 7 Dots products and love the word elements sheets - you can always find a phrase that fits what you need. Scrapiniec are producing some pretty cool chippie pieces and are great for layering.

Lindy’s sprays are awesome fun and look how they move around the stencilled pattern and create some bleeding effects, but also blend perfectly.

These little metal hearts from Finnabair are just the cutest! Plus, who does adore the Micro Beads too - these always remind me of poppy seeds - lol! 

Hope you like and I have video for you to watch if you would like to see my process. 

Hugs Georgie


  1. A truly beautiful make and I really enjoyed the video... xx

  2. A great video to watch and lots of fab tips along the way. Love the results.
    Julie x

  3. Great to see how you created this! Beautiful! Chrisx

  4. Love this!!! Loved watching you make it and loved the end product :)

  5. Love this!!! Loved watching you make it and loved the end product :)

  6. Absolutely breathtaking! Amazing colors, texture and depth! TFS!


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