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Love can find you by Cindy

Hello dear creative souls.
Today I am here at Mixed Media Place with an art journal page. I have chosen very unusual colors for me. I had so much fun using Finnabair products and Pigment Izinks which I adore. I love to work with high quality products. Of course I made a video, that you can see at the bottom of this blog post.

At first, I chose my art journal pages in Prima - Canvas Book Covers. Then fun with pigments Izinks  has began :) I used some water to create a gradation of color.

Using great Pigments Izinks and 3D matte gel and a stencil, I have created some texture. I added a few pieces of papers from 7 Dots Studio collection Soulmates. Then I covered everything with some splatters (gesso with water) and also used Art ingredients Mini Art Stones, to create some texture.

 Throughout the video, as always you'll see that I love splashing :) Enjoy.

Mixed Media Place supplies:


  1. Oh my Cindy - your journal pages are BEYOND BEAUTIFUL and MEANINGFUL. Those art stones are perfect. You have everything places so INCREDIBLY WONDERFULLY and the colors - totally STUNNING. OHhhhhhhhhh so LOVELY. Xj.

    1. thanks for your beautiful comment I love read this xxxxx


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