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High fashion by Georgie

I love doing altered off the page projects and what could be more fabulous than a high heel number?!! I admit right now, these are not mine, sadly I can’t wear these kind of shoes what with being 5’8” already, so they were bought just for this occasion… Thank goodness for clearance sales!!

To start, I dabbed on 3D Matte Gel and sprinkled Art Stones, followed by Mini Art Stones, to give a base layer of texture. When I came to the side of the show where I wanted the embellishments to be items I held back as I needed to have a good flat(ish) surface to adhere to. Next I gave the whole thing a cat of black gesso.

So then came some lace to drape elegantly along the outer side, and I used the new Sculpture Paste, painted on thickly, to help keep the points of the fabric looking pointy. Next came some lovely Art Pebbles more gesso, leaving a touch of the white showing through on the lace so it will pick up and show variation in the colour. I used Lindy’s for the base colour but highlighted over in some areas with Art Alchemy.

Lots of yummy metal embellishments! This is time to really let loose and just layer like crazy. I add a larger piece from the inside so some lace would cover over the front. I was given some table diamonds left over from a wedding and added this with some Glass Beads trailing through the design.

The base and heel of the shoe was my blank canvas for the Rusting Paste. I found layering all three gave the best effect, mixing in some areas where it was wet and also layering lightly on areas that had dried.

Some extra close ups to see the detail:

Thank you so much for joining me today :)

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  1. wow stunning Job I love this way.

  2. Обалденно! Супер!

  3. WOWSERS! This is stunning!
    Linda xxx

  4. I don't think I have ever seen such a beautiful pair of shoes! What a fabulous idea to decorate them! The sculpture paste on the lace is such a great idea. You really are a creative genius - love these! xxx

  5. Beautiful!!!! I loved!!! xo


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