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Amazing journey by Eirini + video

Hello dear friends. It's Eirini again with a new layout, a bit messy and excessive this time for me...

I was inspired by the movie of Theo Angelopoulos - The weeping meadow(trilogy) - and the very tragic events happening in my country with the refugees from Syria, trying to find a place to live peacefully. The photo i used is from the movie, but by the time i saw it, i thought of people coming from the sea, to find a better future. Such strong feelings and a big dilemmas at the same time... So i wish there was a solution and a happy end for everyone!!

I have used the new paper collection of 7Dots - Homegrown - and i was amazed by the quality and beauty of the papers!! I tested the papers strong enough until they proved that they passed  the test successfully - the quantity of water and pastes, one layer over another. Finnabair products helped also to highlight and protect my details... Enough talking ... Let see my the details....

And there is a tutorial video to watch and be inspired....Thank you !!

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  1. Wonderful! Absolutely amazing work, so beautiful colours!

  2. Thank you all ladies for the sweet comments!!Hope i gave you some inspiration...

  3. Wow! What a video! Amazing colors and texture! So surprised the paper took so much wet media! Bravo!

  4. Eirini - so very beautiful. I watched your wonderful video watching it come to life - awesome.

  5. wow wow wow i forgot comment in this project. I love always your layout

  6. wow wow wow i forgot comment in this project. I love always your layout


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