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Dare To Dream by Sylwia TandiArt

Hello Arty Souls! Who is dreaming abot their own house???I am! That was my inspiration for this month- my dream:) I am also very excited about this project as I just couldn't wait to use new Sculpture Medium:) And guess what??? It is 'MUST HAVE'. I absolutely love it! I used the Beige one which gives this natural beautiful sandy/milky colour, that's why I decided to go with soft colour pallette. I just wanted to leave some of the medium in its natural colour;)
I also used new moulds and they are also fantastic: high quality and its very easy to take  the pieces out while they are still wet. 

I started with cutting out simple shape of a house. I used a cardboard for it, which was my base for sculpting. Then I was dipping pieces of lace and fabric in the medium and wrapping them around the house. My TandiArt TIPS: use gloves (as it is beautifully messy) and use different fabrics and trims (also fabric flowers) as when the whole piece is dry, different fabrics will create beautiful texture;). Leave it to dry overnight.

The next step was to design the canvas. I used reversed canvas 12x12. I covered it with tissue paper, other paper and book pages. I also added few pieces of fabric covered with sculpture medium and also my beloved art stones;). I also added moulds to the frame.

When the house was dry, I added some paints.

 I also added a little bit of colour to the ornaments

Then I played with adding flowers and letters;)

I hope I inspired you to use the Sculpture Medium. And if its not your comfort zone??? Not to worry!!! You will love it! Just let it go and play;)))

Sylwia (TandiArt)

Supplies from Mixed Media Place:


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