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Altered Box by Georgie

Hi Guys!

I love altering little boxes and giving them a life (and story) of their own. I love letting my imagination go and just creating a piece of art and putting my mind/imagination into the creation.

It started out as a plain kraft style little chest box, I added some dry wall tape for a little texture, some Art Basics White Crackle and gave it a good coat of Art Basics Black Gesso. Then using 3D Gel to adhere the Relics and Artefacts Heart, Flame and Wings, and also gave them a generous coat of black gesso. This give me the perfect base to start applying colour!!!

Next, the fun bit of opening up Dark Velvet Art Alchemy – this colour is just sublime!! A gorgeous, rich, deep purple. Using this colour I dry-brushed it over the black so as to not cover it all completely. This helps to accentuate the texture. However, I did go back over with more black gesso in areas to keep adding interest to the piece.

Next came a bit of sparkle and extravagance, filling in with beads around head, then sprinkling on top a little bit of black and purple glitter, keeping the layers contrasting with each other, but also adds a lovely texture and more visual interest, as well as mystique…

The whole thing is not complete until there is a little bit of something-something inside the box too.

Happy creating,

Supplies from Mixed Media Place:


  1. Stunning box! I looked with pleasure!

  2. Oh Georgie, you are right in your element here at MMP! This is such a show-stopper!!! Fabulous inspiration!!!

  3. WOW!!! Georgie this is breathtaking makeover of the poor little craft box! You sure know how to work your magic with mixed media! What a stunner!
    Paper Talk with Samra

  4. Amazing project, I LOVE IT! Gorgeous textures and the touch of gold and purple just is sublime! Magnificant piece of art Georgie! As always!

  5. LUSCIOUSLY GORGEOUS Georgie. Just look at all the texture and dimension - it's sooooo FABULOUS. The colors are so RICH and ELEGANT... wow. Your little treasure chest remake is a GOLDEN TREASURE OF ELEGANCE now. XXj.

  6. Oh my gosh, beautiful little treasure chest with wonderful textures, elements and colors.

  7. So magical Georgie! LOVE the deep tones and hints of gold and purple sparkle throughout xx

  8. So beautiful! I love altering boxes too and yours is magnificent!


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