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new Design Team and Guest Designers

We are overwhelmed by the response for our Design Team call, that we announced recently!! You have sent incredible amount of applications and choosing our new DT members was an extremely difficult task. We carefully looked at each and every application of yours. Thank you so much for applying! You all have made our hearts singing!!

Unfortunately we can't invite you all, so we decided to choose 9 ladies, that will start working from March. On top of that we have chosen also Guest Designers, that will inspire you month by month.

We are happy and thrilled to announce all the new, regular Design Team members!!! 
Please say hello to all wonderful and talented ladies, that will inspire you for next 12 months!! 

1. Greenland or Equator? Equator! I love fun, ocean, and when there are a lot of people around.
2. I avoid unpleasant conversations, disputes and screams.
3. My dream is to be a creator, create beauty, which will delight people. My dream is to be fulfilled in this life. I dream that I never loose harmony... And it gives me creativity.
4. When I'm happy, the whole world is transformed into a rainbow. When I'm happy, I'm ready to work 24 hours a day! 
5. Strawberries or cake? Strawberry! because I like sweet and sour taste. The cake is too sweet. I do not like the a cloying nothing.
6. My favorite movie is "Office Romance" by Eldar Ryazanov 
7. I can not live without my loved ones, that is very little. I can not live without art. I sometimes think that even if I did not have hands, I would have to hold the brush in the lips.
8. Black, mint or pink? The black. This color never lies.

1. Greenland or Equator? The equator because there always Warm and I hate the cold. 
2. AVOID ....... I chicanery and mistaken I do not like !!! 
3. Living Dreams are ...... Live from my art and make it at any time.
4. When I am happy, ....... When I listen to music and I'm with people I love. 
5. Strawberries or cake? Strawberry certainly I like less sweet. 
6. My favorite movie is ...... A pretty woman because I like romance films.
7. I can not live without ...... My two dogs and my art products
8. Black, mint or pink? I think I'm black but I love pink and mint.

1. Greenland or Equator? Greenland!
2. I avoid confrontation.
3. Dreams are inspiration to keep going and goals to keep, something to strive for. 
4. When I am happy I like to create art and make music. 
5. Strawberries or cake? Chocolate cake. 
6. My favorite movie is Mary and Max. 
7. I can't live without coffee, family, dear friends, music and art! In no particular order. 
8. Black, mint or pink? I have to say black and mint. Black for my wardrobe and mint for my art. 

1. Greenland or Equator?...... May i suggest Greece??? Combines both beauties plus i could never live somewhere else beside here....
2. I avoid people with bad energy and gossips...Hate it! !Better be unlikeable telling the truth than being an actress.
3. Dreams are the steps to reach our goals . Believe in your dreams and they'll become true!!
4. When I am happy, i live it, i laugh and say Thank you( God or friend etc).
5. Strawberries or cake? Certainly cake,as i'm a coffee addict person, how can i combine strawberries with coffee????
6. My favourite movie is  Three colors,Blue movie by Krzysztof Kieślowski
7. I can't live without love...When you spread love, it comes back twice strong.
8. Black, mint or pink? Mint because it matches with my eyes...he he he

1. Greenland or Equator? Greenland, it looks so beautiful!
2. I avoid……. Supermarkets… need I say more?!
3. Dreams are to live, work and breathe in the art industry...
4. When I am happy, I’m sat side by side with my son, filling in our art journals.
5. Strawberries or cake? Strawberries!! Yum :)
6. My favourite movie is …… Is still very undecided, but love fantasy, sci-fi genres...
7. I can't live without my home and EVERYTHING in it! 
8. Black, mint or pink? Black, because it’s slimming ;) but artistically, I love all colours!

1. Greenland or Equator?  Equator
2. I avoid unpleasant situation
3. Dreams are beautiful !
4. When I am happy, I show it to the whole world
5. Strawberries or cake?  Strawberries
6. My favourite movie is - I do not think I have such
7. I can't live without my family and coffee !
8. Black, mint or pink? Mint 

1. Greenland or Equator? Oh not Greenland!! No no noooo!!!!! I like the sun, the heat, I hate winter, the cold, snow.... Don't forget, I live in the South of France!!!!
2. I avoid the imbecile!!!! LOL!!! My slogan: move forward in life, by leaving the imbecile behind me!! The life is too short to worry me about them!!!
3. Dreams are...... They are made to be to realize then, if it is possible, let us make!!
4. When I am happy, I create my art by dancing, with good and strong music!!
5. Strawberries or cake? Neither of them, I prefer chips, ham and sausage!!! But for dessert I would take strawberries!!!!
6. Without hesitating, my favorite movie is: "The Sixth Sense" .... with the beautiful Bruce Willis!!
7. I can't live without my family... And I cannot live without my "studio" of scrap, my hands are always occupied!!!!!
8. Black, mint or pink? For my clothes: black!! For my dog: black (it's better that mint or pink I think!!!)! For my scrap I use all the colors, but there's always a little black somewhere!!

3. Dreams are to be chased
4. When I am happy, even rains doesn't bother me.
5. Strawberries or cake? Strawberry cake!- perfect combination :)
6. My favourite movie is Moulin Rouge
7. I can't live without my messy art room:) 
8. Black, mint or pink? Mint with a dash of fluorescent red:)

1. Greenland or Equator? Equator.
2. I avoid bad thoughts.
3. Dreams are little beautiful world where all are smiling
4. When I am happy, I laugh, smile, dance and hug my children
5. Strawberries or cake? Only strawberries 
6. My favourite movie is "Gone with the Wind"
7. I can't live without a cup of strong coffee and kisses
8. Black, mint or pink? Of course, black.

And last - our new DT coordinator:

1. Greenland or Equator? Definitely Greenland :) Equator is too hot.
2. I avoid negative people.
3. Dreams are an essential part of my life.
4. When I am happy, I laugh, jump and I can move mountains :)
5. Strawberries or cake? Strawberries, possibly with cream :)
6. My favourite movie is Constantine.
7. I can't live without friends, my cat and sun.
8. Black, mint or pink? Mink and pink with a dash of gold.

As we mentioned, we have invited also a bunch of wonderful and talented ladies to be our Guest Designers. Would you like to meet them? We can hardly wait to see their gorgeous projects and to share them with you on our blog. So here they are - our Guest Designers for next 10 months:

Marina Syskova - Russia
Hee Sun Kim - Korea
Wilma Voermans - Switzerland
DeeDee Catron - USA
Kavitha - India
Tracy Scott - United Kingdom
Olga Kolov - Germany
Bipasha K - Australia

Stay tuned :) These fantastic girls will start inspire you from March, 1st :) 


  1. SUPER honored to get to participate this year! <3 <3 <3

    Congrats to all the talented ladies who get to contribute!

  2. What an amazing team! Congrats to you all!!

  3. I looove the team! Congratulations!

  4. I looove the team! Congratulations!

  5. Yay! Thank you, ladies! And big congrats to all of new designers, especially for my friends, Nastya and Tanya!))

  6. Congratulations to all ladies!

  7. I am proud to be in this beautiful team!!!

  8. WOW!!! Georgie, my friend, huge congrats on DT spot!!! Congrats to the rest of DT as well, but I am super excited about Georgie, since she is my friend :)
    Paper Talk with Samra

  9. Congratulations to all the ladies, super talented team of designers, cannot wait to see what you create

  10. It's an extreme honour! Congrats to all the talented ladies 😊

  11. It's a dream Congrats all Dt team. !!!!

  12. Thank you for the great honor to join this awesome dream team and to give me the opportunity to create and learn in this wonderful school called Mixed Media Place!!! Congrats to all that extremely talented ladies!!

  13. Thank you so much n congrats to all talented ladies

  14. Congrats to the new fantastic DT! I am super excited about Georgie and Sylwia! Can't wait to see what you create!

  15. Настя, Таня, Марина, очень рада за вас!!!! Поздравляю!!!!

    1. Лена, спасибо большое! :)

  16. Congratulations to all talented girls who can inspire uns for the next year! Wonderful team!

  17. Congrаааааааааааааааааааatulations ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Congratulations to d new DT.

  19. Thank you so much, ladies! :)

  20. WOW! Thank you so much! Congrats to all!

  21. My gracious - it looks like the cream of the crop!!! FABULOUS!! j.

  22. What a fabulous line up. I'm looking forward to seeing what you all have in store for us these next 12 months! Super excited to see Georgie here--she will be such an asset with her fabulous artistic ability!

  23. QUe hermoso grupo, empiezo a segurilas desde hoy y también a participar de sus retos, todas son talentosissimas!! - MarielaPapeletas


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