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Today is a very special day, that happens for the first time since Mixed Media Place exists. Today is 29th of February, that happens every four years. And for the whole current Design Team today is a last day of inspiring us on the blog. This is a very sad moment, since part of our Design Team is with us from the very beginning of Mixed Media Place store.

We'd like to send huge thanks to our current DT Members who are leaving us this month and will be all so very missed in this creative space.
When we opened our Mixed Media Place Store we knew that is impossible to do anything meaningful or inspirational without help of friends - and here is where our wonderful Team was invited! We always loved how friendly and supportive the atmosphere of our DT was - and we have to say it made our time together really special. It is an honor to work with such wonderful, creative people with heads full of ideas, new techniques and challenges and in the same time having their hearts so opened and generous.
During the time we spent together many great things happened - we've published tons of inspirational, informative posts, we've introduced many new products to our shop and encouraged our followers and customers to joining our challenges and giveaways - and it all wouldn't be possible without our amazing Team and DT Coordinators - Eliza, Marta and now - Tusia.
We are so grateful for the whole inspiration delivered by all the amazing and talented ladies! For the whole support! For amazing job done by each of them! For spreading the word about Mixed Media Place store. For wonderful projects! And above all for being so kind and heart-warming beings!! Having you on the team was a real blessing for all of us at Mixed Media Place.
We would like to say once more to every single one of you - THANK YOU for all the time and talent you've shared with us all, your projects and your friendship. We really hope you've enjoyed the time in our Team - we are really proud we could work with you all! 
Andrzej and Finn

Before we will say goodbye, we would like to remind you some of gorgeous projects created by this amazing group!










And here are some words from the Design Team Members:

I would like to thank Anna and Andrzej who give me an opportunity to show you what I can do. I'm still exploring the mixed-media world and all its possibilities but their trust was a real booster. It was such a pleasure to work with them, with the people behind the scene and with my team-mates. But don't worry, you are in good hand with the amazing new DT MMP they put together.

What a ride this has been! I've been in the team from December 2013 so there's been a great number of projects done for Mixed Media Place and I've enjoyed doing each one. I feel I have grown as a crafter during the years and found my voice. I feel noting but gratitude to be honored in such a way as to be invited to the team and having the joy to create the projects for one of the best mixed media shops there is! I hope you have found inspiration in my crafts and I want to thank you all for all the lovely words and comments you have left! I also want to thank all my team mates and naturally Anna, Andrzej and Eliza for creating such a friendly, homey, wonderful atmosphere! This is not a sad farewell but instead let's look eagerly to the future and being inspired by the new talents!

Saying goodbye is never an easy thing to do, but still, it’s time for letting new and fabulous creative people start their adventure at Mixed Media Place! I know for sure they will inspire you all with stunning projects! My time here at Mixed Media place has been a fabulous journey! The team has been just the best and I am proud to have been one of them. Will miss you all! But, I know how to find you and we’ll see you all “out there”. Thank you to Finnabair and Andrzej for their amazing shop! Can’t do without it! Thank you Eliza, Marta and Tusia for running the team so good. Thank you to the whole team for our joyful time together. And of course, thank you to all Mixed Media Place fans, who have followed/are following us, commenting our posts and most important, buying products from the shop. Without you there would not be any shop! So, with tears in my eyes (happy tears though), I say goodbye and wish the new team good luck! I’m so looking forward to follow you all! Lots of creative hugs.

I have been on the team since the very beginning of the store and my bond with Mixed Media Place is very strong! I am so happy that for so long I have had an opportunity to create projects for Mixed Media Place blog and to inspire followers and customers. I am deeply grateful to Andrzej and Anna for the whole time I spent as a designer. And I have to say how much I have loved Eliza as a Design Team coordinator - such a warm-hearted soul you are Eliza!!! Thank you all the team-mates for such a friendly atmosphere and thank you all the blog followers for their encouragement and warm words. It has been an amazing journey for me!! Luckily, I stay as Design Team coordinator for next year, so it sugars the pill for me.


  1. Thank you for these beautiful inspirations !!! You are fabulous girls, don't change anything !!!

  2. Thank you for having me in this great team! It was an amazing year!!! <3

  3. Thank you so very much you lovely ladies for the awesome all are truly amazing..xx

  4. Thank you for these beautiful inspirations

  5. What a great tribute. amazing artists that will be around for years in the creative world we all live in!!

  6. Thank you ever so much, you sweet Ladies - It has been a pleasure to see all your great works and surely I still follow you around to see what more you come up with. Thank you - A big welcome to the new DT team members I will of course watch what you send out for inspirations - Thank you Anna and Andrzej for running this place and for all your wonderful works in all aspect of the ART World :D


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