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Collect moments by Athanasia

Are you a moments collector? Most of scrapbookers are. We all do our best to immortalize all the beautiful moments, wonderful events, whole happiness and joy that happen in our lives. Athanasia created two stunning, shimmering ATCs - will you take a look how she did it? Below you will find detailed description and wonderful photos!

 Hello dear friends!
I created these ATCs one for a friend and one for my personal collection. They are actually twins! If you look carefully you will find out that the one on the right is the upside down side of the left one... or the opposite :)

In order to create the background I placed the mini cards one next to each other and worked at the same time on both of them. First I used a circles stamp with Butter Embossing Powder and then the Scissors Stencil with the Graphite Texture Paste to create even more texture.

When the texture paste was dry I used three different shades of silks to paint the cards all over their surface. Silks are very shiny paints, you can see it on how all the pictures glow! The embossing powder resists the silks, but the Graphite sucks it! Ι love how the scissors turned out, with this double shaded color!

Next step was to glue everything down. As ATCs are very small cards, I used only a few embellishments, like small scraps and labels from the 7Dots Studio Soulmates Collection, 2Crafty Chipboard arrows (I painted black with Winter Ice silk), a couple of eyelets, bubble stickers and thread.

Then, I used the Soft Gloss Gel to glue some Glitter and Micro Beads on the big circles. It drys clear and I love the effect!!!

 Last thing to do was to paint here and there with three shades of H2Os Watercolors and also make some splashes with them. And that was all!

I hope you got some inspiration on how to give shiny effect on your projects!
Have a lovely crafty day!


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