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Snow and Ice or Heat And Dust

Did you know that Christmas can feel different for everyone? When we think Christmas we think cold and snow but our amazing Gayle is about to show us two wonderful completely different interpretation of Christmas.

Hello lovely Mixed Media Place friends. 

No matter what side of the world you live on, if you celebrate Christmas, it’s meaning is shared by us all, and is  the same everywhere. Howerver, Christmas in Australia “feels” very different to Christmas in Europe. I have made two Christmas tags, one reflective of the hot, dry, dusty conditions which is part of an Australian Christmas, while the other one is white, icy and shiny, reflective of a cold European winter.

 Rusty wire, dry grass, the red of Waratahs and the green feathers from Lorikeets are part of an Australian summer.

Cool, crisp air, shiny, wet and icy ground. Old, old cities, with beautiful ancient churches and Christmas traditions that, even here in the heat of Australia, are cherished and followed. ( Like cooking a turkey with all the trimmings when the temperature outside is 40 degrees or more )

Finnabair’s Snowflake Paste is perfect for creating a frosty, snowy look. Micro Beads in Silver and Splash have also been used to create an icy, wet atmosphere.

Where ever you are, and however you celebrate Christmas, may your days be filled with family and love. Merry Christmas everyone.    

Materials Used :


  1. Gayle - 2 very, very gorgeous tags depicting 2 different - yet most beautiful Christmases

  2. Oh my gracious Gayle - so different but yet BOTH are soooo incredibly beautiful. Wow - these are just wonderful in every way - WHAT A TREAT. Thanks bunches! j.

  3. Oh Gayle ......what a lovely example of how different two tags can turn out. They are awesome ! I'm just crazy about both tags. They are extremely pretty.
    Thank you for sharing your fabulous art.
    And I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy healthy New Year.
    Hugs from Monica.. ..... Spain

  4. What fabulous tags love the variety and use of texture and imagery.

  5. Wow! This is stunning post! Your works are unbelievably beautiful! Specially I love the first one! My writer from also says that they are lovely.

  6. Stunning! Beauty in each and such feeling. Thank you!


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