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Autumnal Earth

Rich texture, recreating nature and beauty of Autumn. 
Sensational art from Fran will leave you speechless.

Hello lovely readers,

I hope you are all well. Although it is now Winter I was inspired by the rich rust coloured falling leaves of Autumn. I wanted warm rich colours and thick, heavy, tactile textures evocative of autumnal earth.  One of the things I like about that particular time of year is the way leaves peacefully fall down onto the ground below, almost feather like.

I covered the canvas with Heavy Gesso which was extra thick as I'd left the lid off for a few days (bad crafting trait!) so it was extra lumpy which makes for great ultra texture. 

Once the gesso was dry I painted over it with Copper Crackle Paste then added glass glitter in areas to replicate grit in the earth. I then blended paints and mica powders around the canvas adding warmth with Prima pink chalk paint. 

 To soften the composition I added mica flakes and scrunched up teared up book pages which I adhered to the canvas with 3D Gel so the paper kept it's dimension.

For the leaf, I die cut a piece of sheet copper then I hammered it for create indents then I've covered it with alchohol ink and black Ecoline ink to highlight and create veins on the leaf. Coiled copper wire was also used to create 3D leaf veins.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a warm, creative December!


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