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Stamps, Stencils and Oil Pastels

Gayle never ceases to amaze us!
Her art is a true inspiration for many. Take a look at this wonderful journal spread.

Hello lovely Mixed Media Place friends,
I have made a journal page and kept it very simple by using only 3 things…..two stamps, two stencils and a box of Prima Water Soluble Oil Pastels.

I did prepare my pages first by giving them a coat of art basics Heavy White Gesso.

Firstly using a lead pencil I traced in the face using a stencil. Next, using Ranger Archival (waterproof) black ink and a sponge I added the “Chicken Wire” stencil from Finnabair’s Elementals range. After that I added the two stamps……”Messy” from Finnabair’s Clear Stamp range and “Treasured Memories 11” from the Prima Cling Stamp range, again using Archival waterproof ink.

Now the colour. I just went over my pencil lines with Prima’s Water Soluble Oil Pastels and then over the pastel with a fine, wet paint brush. Just like using water colour paint but with a bit more control. In some places I used the brush directly on the surface of the oil pastel and transferred the colour to my page.

You don’t always need a lot of different mediums and materials to create with. Sometimes keeping it simple with just one or two colours, a couple of stencils and a stamp can allow those individual materials to shine. The Prima Water Soluble Oil Pastels come in beautiful, vibrant colours and are very easy to use. You could also use the Prima Watercolor Pencils and get very similar effects. Thank you for looking today, enjoy your art materials.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your process Gayle

  2. Thanks for sharing your process Gayle

  3. Gorgeous work. I really love the result. I wonder which stencil you used to trace the face ? She looks so pretty. I love that you showed what you can make with a few supplies. Thank you for sharing this piece of art.
    Hugs from Monica......Spain

  4. Stunning Gayle! So beautiful and artistic!


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