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Colour, shape and precision.
Did you know that drawing is a great way of relaxing?
You will love this colourful and perfect piece from Anai.

Hello, it's  Anai here with another approach to hand-drawing and colouring.
I have to tell you - I haven't done it for few weeks and I actually really missed it. It takes time obviously. It takes patience. I'm not trying to be perfect but I am trying to be focused and careful.
It's a little bit crazy time right now in my life and my work - I'm really busy and don't have much time for myself. It can be stressful...
That's exactly why I decided to spend hours and hours on making this piece. I forced myself to sit and draw and then I realized that all the stress is gone. I have found my ZEN :) And then colouring was just fun and pleasure :)

My working process is changing a little bit (I'm still trying to find my perfect routine for my illustrations), but still I'm using the same products - Faber Castell markers for drawing and shadowing, Clear Gesso from Prima which protects the drawing, makes it easier for shadowing, but still allows me to preserve the texture of the paper, and then last but not least - Dylusions Ink Sprays, Lindy's Stamp Gang mists and Silks paints for colouring.

I'm not gonna lie:) It takes hours. Hours of sitting  and focusing on a little piece of paper. Drawing, adding details, adding colour with a crazy small brushes :) But that's exactly the point. For me - it's one of the best ways to relax and forget about the whole world.  

You don't have to do the whole piece at once. You can take your time and make the small steps. But it's definetly worth to try! And if you don't feel confident with drawing - there are many patterns to download from the net. Let yourself to feel like a child - colouring books for adults are a big trend right now :) 

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  1. Gorgeous mandala...beautiful and vibrant!!!

  2. Wow, stunning piece. Beautiful colours and depth, so vibrant.

  3. So amazing and gorgeous. The colors and designs are so wonderful!

  4. You drew this? Wow! Beautiful color and design.

  5. You drew this? Wow! Beautiful color and design.


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