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Beauty of mixed media and altering in very special piece.
Pascale created some spectacular art which you cannot missed.

Hello Sweeties,

Today, it's a little canvas that I want to share with you for Mixed Media Place. I recycled a fan that I received at my fave japanese restaurant.

I started to add a design to the canvas with a stencil and Modeling Paste and primed the fan with a layer of Heavy Gesso.

When the background was dry, I glued the fan with 3D Matte Gel as well as all my embellishments. Then I covered fan and embellishments with a layer of Heavy Gesso.

The fun step started: with a brush I sprinkled the embellishments with different colors of Mica Powders, sprayed some water and started again untilI was happy with the result. I sprayed a fixative before the next step.

I covered the embellishments with some diluted black gesso, I let dry a little before removing the gesso with baby-wipes. 

And to finish, I used some Silks to give some brightest notes to the whole.
Materials from Mixed Media Place:


  1. Just stunning! Really beautiful Pascale!

  2. Just stunning! Really beautiful Pascale!

  3. Pascale your fan projects is AWESOME... I'm totally in love with your embellished center. It looks fabulous. You have added so many lovely pretty items and placed them in just a perfect way. The way you altered the metal items looks wonderful.
    Thank you for sharing this very original idea. It was truly an inspiration to me.
    Hugs from Monica.... Spain


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