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Don't be scared

Black background and colours! Fantastic combination to achieve amazing effects. Athanasia's journal page will prove it all.

Hello mixed media friends! 
Today I'm sharing a page from my black journal. The purpose of this journal-book is to keep all the inspiring quotes that I found on internet. I always try to make flat pages because I want to keep it thin, as it has quite a lot pages to fill in... 

This time I used silks, primary elements, 3D Gloss Gel, two stencils, two knitted flowers, a photo and black permanent pen with white paper to write the quote: Don't be scared to be alone. Don't be scared to like it. 
People say that artists are lonely creatures who love being alone with their thoughts and making art. Well, I think some times we all need to be alone for a while, even just to hang out with ourselves, at least that is something that I love to do very often. 

I found this photo on Pinterest. While printing my photo, I didn't notice that the black ink from the printer was finished. I was very disappointed when I saw that the photo was faded looking. Nonetheless, after a while I had some second thoughts about it... The photo didn't look bad anymore, instead it looked to me very, very interesting, I decided to use it as it was :)

To create the background, first I made a custom paste with the 3D Gloss Gel Finnabair Art Basics and the Sunflower silk and used it with the rhombus stencil.  When it was dry, I used the script stencil with the Guatemala Green silk and let it dry. After that, I used the Iridescent Green and Gold silks with the old credit card. I think that iridescent paints are the best choice for dark background. They shine beautifully and create a unique effect on your projects! When the paints were all dry, I glued the photo and the white pieces of paper with the handwritten quote.

Last thing to do was to glue two small knitted flowers to give a little bit of dimension to the composition. I spread some Black Emerald primary element on them and also on some desired spots of the page. I sprayed them with water and just let the magic happen :)

(In the photo above you can see my little friend keeping company to me while I was taking the photos lol - I always take my photos outside because of the better light)

I hope you got some ideas today on how to use colors on dark surface.
Till next time,
Have a lovely crafty day!

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  1. So interesting and thoughtful!

  2. So interesting and thoughtful!

  3. I love printing pictures when my printer is low on ink! You never know what kind of effect you will get :)) great job!

    Xox, Courtney


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