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Freedom is a state of mind

Journaling is like air for many... helps to relax, recharge... 
Journals stand for everyday diaries and escapes from reality.
No rules, no expectations... 
Check out Tusia's fabulous journal spread. It will inspire you to make your own!

I love freedom. In my private life I struggle with limitations and I try to find the balance between my personal freedom and all duties. Usually I end up with a couple of moments only during each week, that are really for me - the rest of the time I can only imagine myself being free :) But - freedom is a state of mind - isn't it? :) 

So I turn on the music and let my imagination take me anywhere it wants to :) I have created this art-journal spread using 7 Dots Studio Verano Azul collection as background and adding drawings, gesso, spraying, stamping. 

I have used also some stickers. 

For stamping I used StazOn Jet Black and Finnabair stamps. Drawings were made with my favourite black pens - Artist Pitt Pens and favourite white marker - Sharpie. Flowers were made with washi, acrylic paints and gesso. I applied gesso and mist through TCW stencils. 

Finishing touches were drawing and doodling with white and black pens and pencil. 

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  1. BEAUTIFUL page...LOVE the background!!!!!

  2. So so pretty! What stencil did you use for the middle? I have the microbial stencil that shown on the list, . But I don't think it makes that design!!

    Thanks, Courtney


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