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Emotional journey...
'Journal writing is a voyage to the interior.'
Christina Baldwin

Let France to take your hand and walk you through her very personal path... Enjoy

A dear friend of me told me once that paper is a very good listener... so telling it your deepest secrets, sadness or anger is not only a safe thing to do, it often brings out the best of your creativity. Isn't that a strange thing? Well, I might put myself in a very vulnerable position, but here goes nothing. I ripped, burned and scratched my feelings into the paper... and this was the result in my art journal.

The texture in the opening is created by laying down a thick layer of heavy white gesso, in which I added scratches during the several stages of drying. Once dried, I colorized it with a mixture of Clear Glaze and Black Orchid Primary Elements. The shading is done with Hunter Grey Primary Elements.

And the rusted element was a gift from another dear friend. She picked it up on the street for me.

I must say that despite what inspired this page, I quite like it. But what I like even more, is the influence of friends that got me to make it as it is... Feeling grateful and blessed :)

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  1. Again a beautiful Job France. Wow stunning.

  2. Holy goodness - this is everything that is right with the world. Absolutely stunning mixed media piece!

  3. This is one of your most beautiful pages, France!😊 I totally love it and I love what hides behind the page too xxx

  4. Prachtig. Dat zijn de leukste en persoonlijkste ding die gevonden worden. En als jij die dan ook nog krijgt hebben zij een extra betekenis. Mooi dat jij dit met ons hebt gedeeld. Groetjes, Anneke

  5. Love it!! Now there are two more colors added to my "must have" list!!

  6. WOW What stunning pages. I love the ripped paper and color.

  7. What a beautiful page. There was an immediate reaction in me on seeing this page. A feeling that's hard to describe in words. Nonetheless, probably why I really like your pages.

  8. Art is therapy. Stunning spread. I can just feel the emotion.

  9. Absolutely FABULOUS - just INCREDIBLE.... wow..... France - you are just THE BEST of the BEST.... yes - your paper was a very good listener and it bloomed forth beauty from your voice. j.

  10. Beautiful pages! Your amazing friend is truly insightful! Thank you for sharing your feelings on how these pages came to be - you are very inspiring.


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