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Drawing, painting skills and addition of mixed media love!
We adore Riikka's masculine creations, one in kind and so creative! 
Check this out.

You may or may not know that I’m a metal head so to say. While I can listen to many music genres, I really prefer heavy metal above all of those. And one of the great loves I have amongst the genre is Turisas, a Finnish ‘viking metal’ band though they themselves prefer not to be called that.

About a year ago I shared a canvas called “Heart of Turisas” here in Mixed Media Place and now it’s time for another Turisas themed creation. This time I was inspired by the new gig set up the band has – a giant banner with the band members stylized in icon-like way. I’ve been looking the banner design some time now and decided to make my own take using that and the singer of the band as my inspiration.

I started by sketching the face lightly and then added the colors in using acrylics and black gesso. I painted most of the cape red and the face with different flesh tones and the hair with brown and then treated the whole background black with gesso.

Next I started adding the bibs and bobs to the canvas. I tried to keep it manly and thus not adding any flowers and also tried to add music related things in the mix. There’s a pick, a piece of a speaker, some guitar strings and a headphone in there. I added the pieces to the canvas using 3D Gloss Gel. After letting the medium dry, I then painted everything first black and then started bringing the colors again in. This time I used acrylics mixed with Mica powder, mists and lastly PanPastels. The face of the character is drawn using PITT pens and a pencil.

My great intention is to give this to the band if they want it, but let see how it goes. Until now the warlord has been staring me from a shelf above the TV. Maybe it’s good to have him there watching over us, guarding like an iconic being should?

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  1. Wow, riikka did a great job here. I love the face, refreshing between all the girlfaces that pass by. And done without stencil makes it even more attractive and original.

  2. Riikka did an amazing job - it is gorgeous and so very masculine! I wish I could sketch faces, but, alas, mine look awful - but Riikka's sketch is wonderful. I love all the pieces she used - especially the music-related pieces - this is a wonderful piece!

  3. What a fabulous cape - wow.... stunning Riikka. j.

  4. Wow riikka. You've done a super fabulous piece. I think the band will love it.

  5. Oh My how stunningly creative you are! This is fabulous, so much detail to admire!


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