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Don't judge me

Art journaling is a combination of art and words, it's about self-expression. There is no rules !
Enjoy Janka's journaling and find out some secret of hers.

This entry is related to my distant past, when I was going to become a nun... but at the end decided otherwise. Now after years, I think that everyone have a piece of angel and a piece of devil in themselves. I also believe that everyone's life should be kept private.
"Don´t judge me , just because I sin differently than you."

The entry was made in my private art journal. As curiosity - my art journal was created from the an old church songbook :) Recently I like to work on the surfaces of smaller size.

Nastepna warstwe tworza mgielki w odcieniach ametystu i herbaty. 
I started by covering my journal with to layers of gesso. I cut out some letters from a newspaper.

Photo on my journal came from image transfer by using soft gloss gel. I added some stamping and washi tape. Letters were coloured by watercolours

I added splashes with black Ecoline.

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