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Heart of Gold

Looking for some inspiration?
Riikka will show you that mixed media products are not only great for flat surfaces but also for dimensional pieces like jewellery. Check out her beautiful necklace.

Have you seen the Archival Cast embellishments and pieces in the shop? This piece got its start when I saw one of the hearts and thought it might make a nice pendant. When I then got the piece it was a bit bigger than I thought, but I still went along with my idea. Maybe it’s fit for a rap artist? 

I turned the pendant into golden one with the help of a few mediums. Most of all I wanted to add shine to the piece with Fab Foil. But as that really shines, I needed then to tone the piece down. 

A perfect medium for that was Black Gesso combined with Gold Mica. What the Mica does is adds just a tad warmth and shine to the gesso.

If you wish to see how the piece came to life I also recorded a little video while doing the pendant!

Products from Mixed Media Place:

Happy creating!


  1. Gorgeous!! beautiful colors, I love gold on black gesso as well! TFS Rikka

  2. I love the heart with the gold and black gesso - it turned out gorgeous, Riikka! Your video was wonderful as well!

  3. What a lovely outcome Riikka - wow. And SUPER video too. Thanks bunches. j

  4. What a lovely outcome Riikka - wow. And SUPER video too. Thanks bunches. j

  5. Riika you created an awesome pendant. I love your techiques and videos.
    Thank you so much for sharing.
    Hugs from Monica... Spain

  6. Thank you all for your lovely comments! :")


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