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No one wants the tears of clown

Being inspired by music Janka is coming up with mind blowing piece.
Her artistic creations always leave me speechless.
Perfectly shown the beauty of gold, black and white. Enjoy...

I love being inspired by music. To create this make I was inspired by metal piece 'Tears of clown'. 
Recently I realized that the music often speaks for myself, another words music says things that I could not express on my own. 
It is the same with all my art creations, those can say way more than me.

To create my works I choose 2 canvases 20x20cm which I covered with black gesso first.
I like to work on dark surfaces recently. So many new possibilities.
My next step was to dry paint my canvases with white gesso and add some stenciling.
Additionally I made few stamps with white ink and splashes with white Ecoline.

In order to create my words and gold lines I used stamps and embossing powder. 
I added some washi tape, micro beads and cheesecloth.

'I hope when your lips are smiling, your heart smile too.'

Supplies from Mixed Media Place:

Have a wonderful week.


  1. So love that your clowns have lovely real faces. It makes me think about how we all wear some type of "clownish covering" to set us apart but our faces always tell the story... in this case - tears. Very powerful. Love your background and the gold additions - especially the stretched gold twine across it - also a message of how we are often stretched to the max. REALLY WONDERFUL creations Janka. j.

  2. Stunning, love the theme and the combination of colours ans stencils!!

  3. Wonderful. Thoughtful!

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