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Have Less, Do More

We have such a special treat for you today!
Not one, not two, but three gorgeous art journal spreads created by Riikka. + some really interesting concept behind them. :) Enjoy!

The start of this year was exceptional for me. I got invited to Norway to teach. It was magnificent and I only hope I lived up to the challenge!My workshops were a part of a weekend long crop there and during the evening, after my classes, I also got to participate.
As my luggage was full of workshop materials I had quite a limited amount of personal supplies with me. It gave a challenge to me but also provided a great inspiration.
With just few things with me I needed to use materials in new ways and think outside the box so to say. Here are three journal spreads I made during that night.
The green spring spread was the first I did.

For that I used Glimmer Mists, pieces of product packaging, a doily I got from the site and double sided tape sprinkled with Art Sugar. There are also a few Glass Beads in there and epoxy stickers.

As I only had black and grey ink with me, I used the mist also to stamp with to get more color choices. 

The second spread continues the same spring and blooms line.

I guess you can start seeing what I had with me and what we were using in the workshops – mists, Mica Powders, Glass Beads, Mechanicals and pens.
The background in this one is again made using the mists. I sprayed a few colors to the book, shut it and looked how the colors had spread.
The blooms are made using Mechanicals as the base and then decorated with an epoxy sticker turned around and brushed with Mica. The bigger bloom also has the Glass Beads in it.

For the third spread I was inspired by Britt Sviggum’s art. She was sitting beside me and she also was one of the arrangers of the crop. She was doing a lovely little painting to her journal so I decided to have a go at drawing as well.

I used mists like watercolours and also added touches of stamping and Mica to the page.

So if you ever feel stuck and uninspired, limit your choice of mediums!
Give yourself permission to use only a few supplies and see what you can come up with! 

Materials from Mixed Media Place:


  1. wow, beautiful and inspirational work!

  2. Wow, Riikka - 3 gorgeous journal layouts. What amazing work you did with the limited supplies on hand - they are all wonderful! I love your last set of pages with the beautiful sketch - she's awesome.

  3. Riikka - these are all three just fantastic. I don't know which one if my fav - I think I choose ALL three!! You did just super with the limited (but still great) supplies. Thank you so much for sharing these. j.

  4. Fabulous pages. The first and third are my favorites ! Beautiful !
    Corrie x


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