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Blue, Red and The Joys Of Comfort Zone

We will never stop encouraging you to try out new things, experiment, open your mind to fresh ideas and creative solutions...
{speaking of which - you have one week to enter our Creative Gym Exercise #4!}

...yes, there is a "but". :) From time to time it's really good to stay IN your comfort zone, not force yourself, feel the joy of all the techniques and colors that make your heart sing. :)

I often use the analogous color scheme in my crafts. I have tried to break free of that habit every now and then, but the end results aren't my favorite ones.
So I started to think, why should I fight the windmill so to say, why shouldn't I just use the color schemes that I feel comfortable with?
So for this post I created two pages - one blue and one red! No mixing of the two but using the two colors with their companions, using the analogous color scheme.

The blue one is about a visit to Rijksmuseum, the national gallery of Netherlands. It was so awesome to see all the old masters up close. When we talked about the trip, I just wanted to visit Rijksmuseum - no more requests or expectations, just a visit to Rijksmuseum.
The picture shows a corner of the "Nightwatch" by Rembrandt and the beautiful blue colored wall it was hanging from.

I started the page with some gelli printing using different acrylic paints and then moved on to stamping, doodling and layering papers.

The blues in the background mimic the blue of the wall and create a strong background against the more subtle colored patterned paper layers.

The red layout is also about something that moves me and that I like - about my two kids and moreover, about the bond they have.
I'm the only child myself so it's really special to see up close how the bond is formed and how it deepens. 

This page started with stenciling - I drew some butterflies through the stencil and also added the modeling paste through another stencil.

On top I layered papers, embellishments and then added a few touches with Glimmer Mists and Gold Crackle Paint.

Even if it's fun to break boundaries, especially those ones you have built yourself, it's also important to be true to yourself.
So expect those analogous color schemes continuing when I'm concerned - but sometimes I can surprise you! :)

Thank you for your visit!
Materials from Mixed Media Place:

Blue layout:

Red layout:


  1. Gorgeous! I love everything about those two layouts!

  2. Both are lovely and can see how special they are to you. Always love your work xx

  3. awesome and so beautiful layouts!!!

  4. Beautiful layouts! Great choices of colours and elements xx

  5. Gorgeous and wonderful! The layout you built around the Rembrandt picture is inspirational! And, your second page of your kids building a bond between each other - hit a very special place in my heart as I just lost my sister recently and feel that part of me is missing. The children are lovely, as is your beautiful layout. Thank you for sharing.


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