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Today we're taking a break from all the girly butterflies and flowers. ;)
This beautiful project might make a perfect gift for some special gentleman.

Usually my works are soft, girly, feminine. I like shine, sparkle, glamour. I like girly colours. :)
But sometimes I have a chance to do something different - for example when I want to make a gift for someone else.

This time I wanted to do something "boyish". A special box for a man. Something to keep boyish treasures - maybe some pens and pencils? or cigarettes? or maybe men's jewelry? or maybe toy soldiers? ;) Who knows. :)

I covered this wooden box with a thin coat of gesso and then started "colouring". Mainly with black and grey.
Black chalkboard paint is one of my favourite paints lately. It's black, it's opaque and it has a matt finish. Perfect! I've used it on all the edges and added some "stains" and "splashes" (amazing stencils by Tim Holtz - my absolute favourites!)
And the rest of the colouring I made simply using all kinds of mists and sprays. I treat them like paints - using a brush.

The top of the box is a little bit more complicated -There's a little bit of texture from the crackle paint and a coat of bees wax on top - it gives a very special "soft and foggy" finish.

The rest is more simple - just geometrical drawing (soft pencils and thin waterproof pens) and more colouring with Glimmer Mists and Lindy's Stamp Gang sprays.
Looks cool, doesn't it? ;) 

Materials from Mixed Media Place:

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  1. Beautiful box Anai, I love the top of it, it looks as if it has had an inlay. Thank you for sharing a wonderful technique x

  2. The box is beautiful - a piece of art. I really love the masculine colors and the top is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Where are your prices listed. There are a couple of pieces I'm very interested in but I cannot find a price on any of your items or Goods