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The world is going faster and faster... iphones, ipads, ipods, tablets, mobiles...
How many of you still take time to read an actual paper book with your kids?

Were you intrigued by the title of today's post? :)
This word means "Bookworms" in Finnish and that's all because Riikka decided to show us her beautiful and truly touching layout celebrating a very special ritual passed on from generation to generation... :)

I attended a workshop earlier this year and we were asked to go through some old photos before that. As I was flipping through the albums, I chose some photos to be scanned and made duplicates from them.
This particular picture is me in my mom's lap, listening to a story. The journaling of the page is how we, me and my husband, try to keep the tradition alive by reading daily to our daughters.

As you may have noticed, I used a lot of different mediums in my layouts - different stencils, acrylic paints, gesso, mists, stamps, stamping inks and Gelatos.
As most of the supplies are added on top of each other and there may only be a touch here and there I made a picture showing were some of the supplies are. Like for example the Gelatos to give a touch of color to the circles drawn through a stencil with a pencil.

What also makes this page special is that this is the first one I used the awesome stencils Kasia has designed! I love how fresh, modern and contemporary their designs are!

Materials from Mixed Media Place:



  1. This layout is lovely, Riikka. And your tradition is very sweet! I believe it's very important to keep that going ... no matter how extreme this technology is going to go. I think I am a bookworm too! Nothing beats the actual paper book!;)

  2. A beautiful page! I like how you showed where different supplies were used on the layout. I agree about reading to children, I love real books, too!

  3. Gorgeous layout and wonderful theme!! I still read paper books - at loud for my kids and adult books for me. My kids also read paper books - I suppose that books are the most important items in my home :) We have shelves filled with them in every room :):)

  4. Beautiful layout! I think teaching/encouraging kids to read books is one of the most valuable things we can pass on to our kids! It kindles a lifetime of passion for reading and learning.


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