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Speaking From the Heart

Gayle prepared a real feast for us today - as usual, her art is both expressive, thought-provoking and technically stunning.
We hope you feel inspired and pull out your stamps. ;)

Hello. I’m sharing an art journal page with you today.
Aside from speaking from the heart and sharing my thoughts (which of course is what art journals are for), these pages are all about the stamps. I have always loved using them, but once upon a time, stamps were pretty much the sole domain of card makers. Today, with the love for “mixed media”, stamps are used by everyone. For scrapbook pages, stamps mostly hang about in the background, but today in my journal, I’ve made the stamps the focus.
These particular stamps by Dina Wakley, available from Mixed Media Place store, I found to be very expressive and they suited my mood. I’ve also used stamps from 3rd Eye and several from Finnabair’s range.

The colour in this work comes mostly from Prima’s Color Bloom spray mists. Oh, how I love them, particularly “Gold Foil”. Can you see it in the photo below?

The tag has many layers of Color Bloom sprays... I think 5... The colours are very pure and rich and work beautifully with stencils. I did not let each colour dry completely before adding the next one which has created a very soft, subtle blended appearance and the tag almost feels like it’s been varnished.

When the tag is flipped over, the second face is revealed and the mood has changed.

The tears will never stop falling until the guns stop shooting.

Some tissue paper pattern and Finnabair’s beautiful little doily stamp.

Supplies from Mixed Media Place:

p.s. In case you missed it - check out this amazing post by Linda explaining the magic of gel medium and grab a discount on all Talens gel mediums & Amsterdam acrylic paints!

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