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No Limits

Why limit yourself?
Why stress about using supplies and the final result?
Let's just have some mixed media fun and splash some paints around!

Hello my dear friends!
What are you listening to right now? Do you like listening to music while creating? I really do!
Music is something that inspires me a lot, and below you can see a work that is the result of one of my music fascinations.

It's hard to define if it's an art journal page or a painting... But it's not about defining but creating just what you want. It's so good not to care about the form. No limits - this is what I especially like.

I created this piece using acrylic paints, sprays and a black pen. First, I prepared a collage background with random pieces of papers from my stash and then had a lot of fun with painting (mostly with my fingers).
But to create a really special effect I also used a stencil that I designed for The Crafters Workshop - XOXO (they will be available at Mixed Media Store really soon!!!).
When I finished I was quite surprised by the effect. Mixed-media madness can be really unpredictable. And that is the second thing I especially like.

So why don't you try the same?!
Here is my idea for an exercise for you:
get a random piece of paper and don't care about it's size or thickness. Collect some of your favorite colors of paints ans stencils on your desk and set the clock for 15 minutes. Forget about paint brushes this time.
And remember: you really don't need to like the final result. You can throw it away after 15 minutes and just move to something else. It's just an exercise, maybe a new way to explore your creativity. Just try!

Supplies from Mixed Media Place:


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