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Really Good Mistakes

"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.
Art is knowing which ones to keep."
/Scott Adams/

This summer is kind of strange time for me. On one hand - I'm very very busy. I can't even remember when I had so much work. On the other hand - I live in the center of a city which is very often visited by tourists in the summer. So much is going on! I have to wait a little bit for my own vacation, but in the meantime - I enjoy my Summer in the City. :) There's a lot of people on the streets, a lot of interesting events, concerts, trade markets, not enough time for sleep and a lot of coffee!

My layout is a little bit different than usual. I wanted to try something new. There's not so much thinking, some accidental but creative mistakes, and it's... almost completely flat. That's something new for me :)
And everything started with a paper covered with gesso.

I was creating it and texting at the same time... and I accidently poured out much too much of the blue paint on it. That was a mistake! I wasn't planning it. But then I thought about all the mistakes we make in life - over and over again, because sometimes they just bring us a lot of fun. ;)

Oh, well - talking about mistakes. If you want to use gel medium with a stencil, you should probably check if you cleaned your stencil after the last time, you'd been using it... Or - maybe you shouldn't? ;) It may be an accident, but you may also get interesting gradient effect from the Distress Ink which was still on your stencil. ;)

And how about some freehand writing and doodling? I'm getting braver I guess. I don't care too much that my handwriting isn't the prettiest one. Or that sometimes there's not enough ink on my nib. It just gives another interesting effect. It's unique, it's fun, it's something completely mine. :)

Nothing is perfect about this layout. :) But I really love it. It will be a great memory of this crazy time. The time when I allowed myself to make mistakes and just enjoy it. :) 

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  1. je suis ok avec vous:-) Je fais beaucoup beaucoup d'erreur mais parfois très intéressantes ^^

  2. Wonderful layout and those mistakes are happy happy mistakes or rather accident.Fun background.


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