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Open Up!

This could start like a fairy tale:
"One fine day, a little boy found a mysterious padlock in his backyard..."

Are you curious what happened next? :)
Take a look!

Today I'd like to show you another small mixed media canvas.
This time I decided to turn my canvas the other way round and use the back side.

First, as always, using gel medium, I glued all sorts of materials on the canvas - band-aids, looosely woven canvas so as to make my background more structural.
The new thing I used for building my background, was dry paint from my palette. Sometimes when I paint, I squeeze too much paint out of the tube and it dries on my palette. It was quite easy to pull off the dry patch and I thought to use it in my work to add some interesting texture.
I glued it also using gel medium.

When everything dried, I made a composition using fabulous Mechanicals from Finnabair, wood embellishments, buttons, paper flowers, beads and an old padlock found in the backyard by my son. :)

I painted the embellishments with acrylic paints mixed with gel medium, but for the padlock I used Inka Gold.
Inka Gold is perfect for metal - it's fast drying and super easy and quick to apply metallic rub to add some color.

Finally, I stamped my background with a 3rd Eye stamp and I splashed my canvas with watered down gold acrylic paint.

Materials from Mixed Media Place:


  1. Oh dear. Your mini canvas is just fabolous. Love the mix of embellishments you chose, the texture and these great colors. Think these are my favorite colors right now. Also a great idea to turn the canves around. It creates such a grunge frame. You are truly talented. Thanks a lot for sharing your fantastic work.
    Ps can I ask what do you mean when you say you used dry paint ??
    Sending hugs from SPAIN

  2. Dear Mamablitger, thank you so much for all your kind words!
    I've added some extra info in the post to explaing exactly what I meant with my idea of sticking dried paint onto the canvas. :)

  3. Fabulous creation! so stunning I am out of words! Love it and so many thanks for sharing this !

  4. Beautiful, love the dried paint idea!


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