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Color Explosion

"I found that I could say things with colors and shapes that I couldn't say any other way - things I had no words for."

That's Georgia O'Keeffe and we couldn't agree more!

New techniques are always very exciting to me. My first time with dry pastels wasn't an exception. When I realized that I was falling in love with them, I decided to prepare a class where I can share some of my favorite techniques with dry pastels. Below you can see a layout that is the result of one of these classes.

What I love most about working with dry pastels?
Of course it's their colors and softness. I think there are thousands of ways to use them and all you need to do is try and experiment...

For this work I used pastels in sticks but also PanPastels applied with a sponge.
So you can really have fun with them - draw and then just remove the areas you don't like with a wet wipe.
But if the result is what you wanted to achieve, you must remember about the fixative. The fixative seals your pastels, dries fast and some can even enhance your colors.

So why don't you just grab your PanPastels and have some fun?
I think it's a great idea for the beginning of the weekend. :)

Supplies from Mixed Media Place:

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  1. hâte de faire une classe avec vous !


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