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Great Art.
You know it by how it moves you to the very core. How restless it leaves you. How it stays with you.
From the Artist's point of view - it allows us to freely express all the emotions that sometimes simply can't be put into words.
Today's post is very special and we are joining Gayle - all our thoughts go to people in Ukraine...

War is a vile thing! No matter where or when or why it happens.

I can not help but feel saddened and very worried by recent events in Ukraine. I know I live a million miles away but today, thanks to technology, the world is made a smaller place ... the images are there for us to see, to be shocked and saddened by, even though we do not always know the truths behind the images.

My art journal page is reflective of my thoughts on war and conflict ... "There are no words".

There are no words that can adequately describe it and there are no words powerful enough to stop it!

For the base I used  "Drive All Night" paper from 7 Dots Dreamer Collection. Some stamping and embossing with white, two different stencils used, one with ink the other with texture paste. Lastly water colour paints and red acrylic paint.

Materials from Mixed Media Place:


  1. Very special amazing work

  2. A stunning piece of work!

  3. Love this, especially the red accent ! Wonderful !!
    Corrie x

  4. Wow! Really powerful! Thanks so much for sharing this.

  5. You have expressed your thoughts perfectly in this journal page.

  6. Stunning and so full of emotion that it made me cry.

  7. inspiring and however it doesn't say a word it does say a lot ...Thank you for sharing your feeling and work with us. It's an universal picture even for those who aren't interested in art or politics...

  8. Beautiful! I really love how used the images here and it really conveyed the feelings you describe well. The stone face and moth and flower, the use of color and texture. Very inspiring and moving. Thank you.

  9. Very beautiful, powerful and expressive.

  10. There are no words ! Wonderful piece of art !

  11. Beautiful art page!!!!! So many emotions when I look at this page....3 colors ...with the contrasting powerful !!! Impressive!!!

  12. As I wrote earlier, I'm on my knees. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!


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