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Good Times

We don't know about your corner of the world but here in Europe we are sharing a collective sigh of relief - - - > winter's over! ;)
Just take a look at how we can all celebrate this fact thanks to Riikka and her amazing art + a really great step by step tutorial!

Spring is on its way! The season got me in a green mood and I thought to scrap this photo I took last summer.

My father is active in orienteering. Last summer while we were visiting my parents, there was an orienteering competition nearby so he asked us to join. So into the woods we all went!

Our goal was to find at least one checkpoint, the intention being more just to get the feeling of the sport and support the team. I guess we would have managed a few more checkpoints, but the forest was sharing its treasures - blueberries so that the forest floor was blue!

My 3-year-old was absolutely captivated by the berries so she and grandma started picking berries after the first checkpoint. My 5-year-old wanted to continue so we actually followed half of the route and found five checkpoints.

I used gesso and mists together with the Gelatos to create the background. I also created little frames embossed using Gelatos to be used as embellishments. You can find the tutorial for those in this post. For journaling and doodling I used the Pit Artist Pens - my latest addiction!

Have a great day!

Are you curious (speaking of which, we hope you haven't missed our new Emotional challenge posted this week!) how Riikka used her magic to create these cute frames? Here's her tutorial:

Embossing with Gelatos:

1. Die cut a frame using Big Shot machine. Get your Gelatos ready.

2. Color the frame using Gelatos and smear the crayon with your finger.

3. Moving quickly, sprinkle the embossing powder onto the shape. Don't let the colored surface sit as the embossing powder won't stick to the crayon.

4. Heat the shape carefully, avoid bringing the heat gun too close so the powder won't fly away. Then rub darker color of the crayons to the surface.

5. Smear with your finger - the darker color brings the texture more visible.

6. Repeat and create a bunch of little frames to be used in your projects. :)

Happy Spring, everyone!

Materials from Mixed Media Place:


  1. Riikka, gorgeous layout (like always). You are so talented

  2. so beautifull thank for the tuto

  3. amazing project! and fantastic tuto!!!

  4. Gorgeous layout! Thanks for sharing your creative process!

  5. Gorgeous idea for frames!! And great project - as always Riikka :) <3


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