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When in trouble...

Looking for a gift idea? Mixed Media to the rescue! :)
Have you ever wondered whether words like 'easy' and 'artistic' can exist in one sentence? France proves that it's totally possible!

You know the feeling when you need a little present, have no time for shopping, feel like scrapping but don’t have hours to do so?
That’s when I like to do this kind of short but fun little project.

I have (dare I say it?) dozens of simple little notebooks, the kind you can get very cheap in packs of 3. Wrapped with kraft bazzil as a protection and some embellishments, they make a neat little gift!

For this one, I used up scraps of a 9th Wave paper, combined with a Domestic Goddess sticker.
To make it look a little less ‘simple’, I like to add sewing.

I stamped with watered down Black Soot Distress ink and added some light touches of Golden Monarch Silk.
Adding a tassel on the side gives it some movement and finishes the dressing up!

Did I mention ‘simple’ but ‘fun’? ;)))

Materials from Mixed Media Place:


  1. I just adore the sewing texture, don't you? You just want to reach out and touch it!! I would love to have one ready to go for that "oh my gosh, I forgot...." moment of panic.....Great inspiration Fance, thanks!

  2. So cute - just love the stitching, and great use of the papers!
    Alison x

  3. Adore the stitching & if I hadn't made promise NOT to buy anymore pprs until I have used stash, these would be next on shopping list. You say quick & simple, this would take me at least a week! Lol
    You are so gifted France! :))

  4. Cool project! France, you are my hero!

  5. Neat idea, and who couldn't use little notebook? :)

  6. Fantastic piece! Love the cover!

  7. DARE I SAY IT ????...I LIKE IT !!! KISS

  8. Just beautiful France. Much love Darling.

  9. Pure perfection, France! Ingrid x

  10. WOW...that is simple....and very cool. I made a bunch of little notebooks for Christmas gifts - very fun!


  11. Coucou France,
    What a great idea France and a gorgeous gift in to the bargain. Thank you for sharing ore of your lovely creations and tips too.
    Warmest best wishes,


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