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On journals, connections & glitter. :)

There are people who don't quite get the idea of having an art journal.
We could give you a long long list of reasons why it's worth to journal but today - together with our lovely Anai - we'll just say that it's a perfect place to express your emotions. All kinds.
Art journals are like a private haven where you can vent, cry or jump for joy. No rules, pure pleasure of expression.
Just take a look...

This time of the year is always very emotional for me. This year even more, because I'm ill and I spent the whole week at home - watching old movies, thinking about life, about people, about so many different things... I had a very unique "movies from the 90's" marathon - I guess I just felt a need to go back to the time when I was really evolving and my movies/tv show obsession started. As a teenager I used to watch a lot of movies with my parents. :)

And actually - blood ties are the main topic here. The quote comes from the "My So-Called Life" TV series and even now - almost 20 years later it brings so many emotions to me... And is there a better way to express our feelings than in an art journal?

My art journal is in an old book and this time instead of covering it entirely, I used just a thin coat of gesso to make the text a part of the background. I added some old rub-ons, some tags from the "Nature Walk" collection, red thread representing the blood ties and a bunch of media.

I have always been a fan of glitter and I'm not afraid to admit it. ;) If you could see my glitter collection in all the different colors - it would probably amaze you. ;)
This time I used a pink bar shaped glitter - glued to the page with our new product - sticky embossing powder. It actually works great!
Then I decided to use some matt gel medium on the circles. It's difficult to show the effect on the photo but I hope you can see the difference - inside the circles the glitter is covered with gel medium, and on the outside it's more shiny and sparkly.

And how about you? Do you love glitter, too? ;)
But the more important question is - do you tend to express your emotions in your art journals or in any other creative way?

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  1. It's a brilliant page - and beautiful words.
    Alison x

  2. I love your glitter... You have inspired me to pull out my box of zillons of glitter jars. I really like the long bar glitter. I will be on the look out for some of that.
    Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

  3. A beautiful CAS journal page. Enjoying the connections... :-) x