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Box of money by Anastasi Kuznetsova

Hello! Anastasi is with you. I want to show you a box to store money. The base is a piece of wood, covered with white gesso.

To create the relief, I used various plastic elements. At the heart of the background there is modeling paste with a touch of powder (to give some texture). By the way, with the powder, the paste dries much faster, which is very good in the work, when several layers of paints need to be applied from above.

The box is functional. Therefore I used only acrylics. They are wonderful! After the paints dried up, I tinted the exposed parts with a bit of white gesso and applied waxes. Inside, I put two pieces of paper 7 Dots Studio.

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1 comment:

  1. Beautiful in every way! Love the colors the texture and your design!


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