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Abstract Art by Anna Iwanowska

Today is the last blogpost from current design team - and it is very special, as Anna Iwanowska created gorgeous canvas using only media. Dive into the colors and textures and enjoy this ride.

* * *

Hello my lovely friends :)
It's my last post on the Mixed Media Place blog and I have to say - it was amazing adventure :) Three years of working with amazing people, inspiring you and watching your beautiful creations for our challenges. I feel so blessed that I could be a part of this team.

I wanted to create something special for this last post. Something I was planning for quite some time now, but never actually had a courage to do... So - here it is :) My first bigger canvas with an abstract art. It's not actually that big... 12x12 inches :) But it's bigger than any other canvas I made. And it's created only with paints - no extra tools, no stamps, no stencils, no texture media. Just paints.

I'm a big fan of abstract art. It always "speaks" to me in a very strong way. I wanted to incorporate some things I love - contrast, geometry, distressed look and some accents of vivid colors. I used a lot of different paints in here working in layers and mixind the colors to get my own shades. It was a really great time :)

I started with a black background (Prima chalkboard paint) and then started adding colors using silicone brushes and pallete knives. I was mixing my own color combinations with acrylic paints - it's a great fun, if you haven't tried this you definetly should try. It's so exciting! :)
The last step was adding vivid shiny accents with Silks paints. I love how the shine contrast with the soft matte background :)

I feel like there's whole new chapter waiting for me :) And some bigger canvas I'm going to make. I'm happy that I finally have the courage to try this. I hope you will feel inspired. If there is something you wanted to make, but you felt intimidated by it - just find some free quiet time and try. It is a really great feeling :)

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  1. That piece is extremely pleasing to the eye with the stunning colour combination!!! I love it!

  2. Very inspiring piece! How amazing is it that only paints were used! Wowzers! That is awesome sauce! TFS!

  3. I love it! The colors, shapes and contrast!

  4. Wonderful that you tried something new! And with fabulous results!