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Lost and Found

Fabulous colours and amazing textures...
We are sure you will enjoy seeing another journal spread from out talented France.
And guess what? There is a video tutorial waiting for you too!

Sometimes it's good to have a good worked out plan before you start arting, sometimes just a base of an idea is enough to soar...
For this art journaling spread, all I had in mind was layers and cracks, and some more layers and some more cracks.

To get there, I combined Finnabair's White Crackle, with Clear Crackle, with heavy black and white Gesso, with ColourArte Silks and Primary Elements.
Do I need to say I had fun??

Don't have a plan or even a base of an idea? Go make some art anyway, you WILL soar!

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Enjoy the vidoe tutorial! 

Have a great day.


  1. Another fabulous piece by France! I adore her style and am literally dashing to watch her video! Thank you! X

  2. it's awesome, thanks for sharing!

  3. Always LOVE videos by you France. You never fail to teach me something. This is so unique and interesting. Your creativity is FABULOUS. j

  4. Loving having you back. But loving seeing the messy cloth make an appearance.

  5. Incredible, France - love it!