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Sensational texture, amazing composition and stunning colour choice. You will love this piece from Anai... feel inspired, grab some art tools and enjoy creative process !

Hello my lovely creative friends :)
Today I wanted to show you another piece of mixed media art I created recently. I'm still experimenting with different techniques and styles. I feel inspired by textures, geometric shapes, distress look, abstract art. I wanted to create something completely from scratch - without any scrapbooking/paper products. Just texture and different kinds of paints.
It's amazing how calming and satisfying it can be - many hours spent on just creating different elements. Bringing it together piece by piece. This time I had quite vivid idea on my mind and I wanted to recreate it in the reality :)

I'm quite happy with the final result.

The first part was to create the texture. On the white canvas I used gesso, stencils with a molding paste and some 3d gel medium to create different shapes, wrinkles and crackles. I knew I want to divide the whole piece in thirds. I knew exactly where I want to put the colors, so I tried to stick to this idea.

Then I started adding colors - light liquid colors first - here come Glimmer Mists and Lindy's Stamp Gang mists. Not just one layer of them. I like to put one coat of mists, dry it, and then add some more. It's a good way to create this kind of distressed background with different kind of stains.
Then the black color. Black chalkboard paint from Prima is still my favourite kind of black :) It's very opaque and matt so it gives a great contrast to the shiny medias like mists or Silks paints.

Blue vertical lines are made with Silks paints in 3 different shades. I like them, because I can achieve different effects with them. More opaque if I use more of the paint, or more transparent if I use only a little.

And the final step was to use white gesso to highlight all of the texture.

I put a lot of effort and a lot of my private emotions to that piece. I hope you can see something more than just a texture and some colors. But from the other hand - everyone is allowed to read art in different ways. I cannot tell you what you should think about it, but I hope that you can "feel" it :)

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  1. Stunning canvas! Love the geometry and the distressed cool!

  2. So very, very gorgeous - and when I look at it - it is very calming to me! I love it!

  3. Amazing project! Stunning work !

  4. Absolutely wonderful Anai! I love it!